October 29, 2018
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SPOOKY Witches Fingers---BOO!
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        Here’s A FUN LITTLE TREAT for Halloween---SCARY GREEN WITCHES FINGERS. They’re very easy to make and very fun to eat. Just grab some pretzel rods, white candy melts or chocolate chips, some creepy green food coloring and toasted sliced almonds. A QUICK PRETZEL ROD ROLL IN THE GREEN COATING, SOME WRINKLES DRAWN FOR KNUCKLES, AND A SLICED ALMOND MANICURE ARE ALL YOU NEED. —Stick them into the tops of cupcakes, on the top of a spooky cake, or coming out of the top of carved mini pumpkins----they’re guaranteed to spook out anyone that comes close!


LESSONS Learned:
1. You can buy green candy melts instead of adding the food coloring.
2. To color white chocolate chips, you need oil based “candy“ colors so the chocolate won’t seize. Plain old food coloring won’t work as well.
3. It’s easiest to coat the pretzels by scooping up some of the coating into a big spoon and rolling all but an inch of the rod into the coating. Alternatively you could tilt the pot and dip. Once coated, roll the rod lengthwise against the side of the pot to allow any excess to fall back into the pot.
4. Make sure to put the sliced almond nails on right after coating the pretzels.
5. You can speed up the hardening process by sticking them in the fridge for a minute or 2. But... make sure to draw on the knuckles before they are completely hardened which can happen quickly.


30 pretzel rods, broken in half
1 package white or green candy melts, I use Ghirardelli or 1 package white chocolate chips, about 2 cups
green food coloring for the candy melts or green “candy” colors for the white chocolate
slivered almonds, plain or toasted.

Make the fingers:
        Line a sheet pan, cooling rack or flat plate with waxed paper or parchment, set aside.
        In a small heavy saucepan, very slowly melt the candy melts or white chocolate, stirring constantly, adding the regular food coloring to the candy melts, or the candy color to the white chocolate.
        Using a wide flat spoon, scoop up some of the melted coating and roll the pretzel in it, leaving about an inch uncoated. Once coated, roll the rod lengthwise against the side of the pot to allow any excess to fall back into the pot. Place them on the prepared pan. Press a slivered almond into the tip of each to create a fingernail.
        Allow the fingers to partially dry. Then using a toothpick, draw 2 sets of 3 lines to create the knuckles. Harden them completely at room temperature or in the fridge. Store in an airtight container for up to a week until ready to use.

Makes 60 spooky fingers.      YUM!
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