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NO GUILT Strawberry Popsicles---YUM!
       To keep myself on the dietary straight and narrow, I 've had to come to terms with my grazing ways, which means DOCUMENTING EVERYTHING I EAT. So I 've been eyeing weight watchers of late. I figure if OPRAH'S DOING IT, so it must be good, right? But when it comes to diets, I'VE NEVER BEEN A TEAM PLAYER. The thought of meetings, phony smiles and enthusiastically applauding other people's testimonials about passing up donuts bores me to tears. And-- it has nothing to do with me and my donut issues. I don't want to bond with a bunch of starving eaters. Just the thought of that makes me want run home and eat everything in my fridge. Besides, what self-respecting cupcake baker would ever want to be seen with a bunch of Weightwatchers desperados.
       But, I recently discovered that I CAN DO WEIGHTWATCHERS from my computer at home, ALL BY MYSELF. It's now a tool, rather than a group lifestyle. By joining, I gained access to Weightwatchers PTCULIAR CALORIC MATH, which involves POINTS. And, lucky for me, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARE ALL ZERO POINTS. So they're free! That means that I can indulge in them, even when my midnight noshing calls, without being reprimanded by my computer.
       In a quest for zero points to eat, I came up with these SUPER EASY, YUMMY POPSICLES. Fresh strawberries blended with some water, vanilla , a pinch of salt, and a little no calorie stevia makes for an excellent low cal, zero point treat. And, according to the "rules" if I wanted 2 or 3, there's no guilt. I'll post my chocolatey one point fudgicles soon. Now to the nitty gritty---HAVE I LOST ANY WEIGHT? well, I Don't know, I'M AFRAID TO GET ON THE SCALE. Maybe next week.

LESSONS Learned:
1. Write it all down! And I mean everything--you may be shocked at what you learn!
2. Switch the fruit out for anything you might like-- just use about 2 cups. You might even be more adventurous and blend up--- let's say fresh cucumbers or seeded tomatoes.
2. For variety, you can fill the molds one half to two thirds full, and then add cut up pieces of any kind of (or watery vegetable for that matter) to fill the molds up to the top.

Homemade NO GUILT Strawberry Popsicles

1 pound fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
2 Tablespoons water
2 packets stevia
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
pinch salt

       Add all of the ingredients into a blender container and blend until smooth, or chunky. Pour into molds and chill at least 6 hours or overnight.

Makes 6 three ounce pops. YUM!!
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