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       I LIVE IN WOODSTOCK, NEW YORK, and I OWN A CUPCAKE SHOP in the center of town. I've written a cupcake cookbook published by Wiley, and won a few big food contests. I'm an avid baker but I'm also an avid cook, and I love really great tasting food! Yes, we eat with our eyes first, but if the flavor isn't there, you've lost me. And I hope that I never lose you, because these recipes that I'll be sharing with you are the ones that I love the most.
       Over the last few months, I've been mentored by MOLLY O'NEILL, an amazing writer and writing teacher. I, myself, know her best from the articles I eagerly anticipated every Sunday as the food columnist for The New York Times Sunday Magazine. But she has also written award winning cookbooks, been a restaurant critic, written food and nonfood articles for national publications, as well as hosting the PBS series "Great Food." I rediscovered her at HER LONGHOUSE FOOD REVIVAL, a high-end foodie event in a beautiful and rustic setting that takes place every year in her barn in upstate NY. TO SAY IT WAS A MAGICAL WEEKEND WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT. Most recently, she has created COOK 'N SCRIBBLE, an online community of food writers, bloggers and thinkers. And THAT'S WHERE OUR PATHS CROSSED TODAY.
       With her inspiration and encouragement, I am excited to embark on my own food adventure! I love sharing delicious homemade food with friends and family. And, now you're part of my family too. I TRULY BELIEVE THAT ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFTS YOU CAN GIVE SOMEONE IS TO COOK FOR THEM FROM YOUR HEART. SO LET'S EAT. SAVOR, SMILE AND ENJOY the fruits of our labor TOGETHER!
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